Hell Part 3

There are those who mock and make light of the place called Hell. They have made so little of its significance they have coined phrases that show their contempt for its existence like “go to Hell”. This brings for them a feeling of control that is not theirs for no one but God could sentence anyone to Hell!! I do not know how Hell can be both a lake of fire and yet a place of darkness. The closest I have come to realizing this could be true came from learning there can be a fire so hot and intense in heat that it will actually burn and not give off light. This type fire “burns from the inside-out” it burns so intensely and there is no cooling breeze. There are coal pits which burn 24 hours a day. Even though you know they are there, all you see in the dark are the fires from those pits. IF this exist should, here, should we not heed the warning, not to go to this place. But, if this were not enough, Hell is a place of remembrance.
Some think this means only that miserable wretches who, like the Pharisees whom Jesus called “offspring of vipers,” will writhe slowly like serpents cast into a bonfire. But, WE are the ones who have far more to remember! Indeed, they will so die, but WE will live to whip our torsos from side to side in anguish and un-relieved, insane, anguishable, punishment. One would think the bodies given when we obeyed the gospel would in some sense relieve this pain, but it seems only to “hold in the wordless pain” you continue to feel in greater and greater degrees. We are indeed as but miserable worms in God’s sight. There is more to this figure of speech than that. Picture a diamond-back rattler with fangs dripping poison, rearing back its head and driving its fangs again and again into your tortured flesh, and with each strike injecting into your veins some strange poisonous substance that keeps you for ever in the state of dying. Or picture some blind senseless maggot-like creature of monstrous proportions burrowing into your flesh and gnawing forever upon our body. As they enter, the sting of death is again and again realized with ever increasing magnitude until the pain is so unbearable we would (if you could) bang our heads again and again against the fiery rocks ablaze with the incendiary-like flames coming from their midst. Oh! If only there was some way to relieve this pain!! As time cannot pass, for time is non-existent, as sensation cannot acclimate, this unbearable experience brings constantly to mind the remedy God had set so you would not have to “come to this place”. We will remember the blood of God’s only Son that washed away our sins, the times when meeting around the Table of the Lord you delighted to ignore the emblems and the precious Lord they represented, and the galling burden of unbelievable coldness falling heavier and heavier on your poor naked body (for this fire emits no heat) that now mocks you because you did not “remain faithful unto death”. Crying aloud or silently whimpering in dreaded disgust for your own stupidity, will not alleviate or relax the endless punishment you would have NEVER experienced, for you were at one time apart of the REDEEMED. It truly would “have been better never to have known the way of righteousness than to have known it and turned from It”.
Then there is the anguish of indescribable remorse you have dashing through your lifeless body every time you hear the cry of your child, your mate, your father or mother, your sister or brother to whom you never taught the gospel of Christ being too busy and caught up with the things you were SURE were more important!! In the blackness so deep it can be felt, you try to move in the direction of the cry, calling out the names of those who baptized you into Christ, begging for intercession, and they cannot be found.

Hell Part 2

The resurrection of the wicked saints will be for the purpose of uniting their tortured souls, now knowledgeable of their horrible, irrevocable fate, with immortalized bodies that they may be doubly punished for their sins.
According to the Scriptures they shall be cast body and soul into the fiery pits of Hell. Have you ever considered what awaits sinners in that horrid abyss? Deep down in the depths thereof is a lake of fire with lavic brimstone dashing its seething searing billows against the precipitous shores. Into that caldron of everlasting fire the writhing, screaming victims of their own selfishness are cast headlong while demons mock, yet curse their own agonizing eternity of unalleviated woe.
In Hell, the lust of the flesh will rage through the body, yet find no gratification. Never!! No, that lust will burn the more tantalizingly and there will be no means of gratification. Drunkards whose burning whiskey appetite drove them to pour ever increasing quantities of fiery dregs down their throats will find their craving for strong drink increased ten thousand fold. But not one benumbing, inebriating drop will be theirs to drink. Fornicators and adulterers with soul and body aflame with fleshly lusts driving them like madmen will find no requite for their vile passions though they burn millions of years. The grape juice and unleavened bread partaken in disrespect will gnarl the appetite of remembrance to greater and greater dominions of passion. The songs sung with light heartedness will ever ring out in their minds with hatred for themselves because they missed the opportunity afforded them. The prayers, Oh! the prayers– un-prayed and prayed will ring out in their ears of remembrance bursting in gnawing discomfort because no one with a loving arm of kindness will reach out for them in tender compassion.
Moan on, lost soul. Scream, lost hellion. Let fiery spray dash into your tortured face forever!! Where shall you turn to escape even for one moment the raging fury of the lake of fire? What if you are so fortunate as to climb the precipitous shores of the lake? Will you find surcease in dashing along a maddened pace over a smoking, smoldering, blistering crust of burning rock which lacerate and sear your unshod feet? As you rush on and on and on for ever and ever on your starless, hopeless, trackless way; you will hear a cry in the distant waves of anguish yet to be endured, crying “Lost, lost, LOST.” That cry will be but the echo of your own voice, swelled by the dirge of millions of others who also had the opportunity and privilege you have turned down! Breathing fire, bathed in fire, with mighty sulfuric and caustic fumes into an already burning, searing, choking atmosphere, you will pray for death but your god, who only you can entertain in prayer, will be at your side in the same anguish! But you can never die, nor know any relief of one fleeting moment of unconsciousness. Rather, your burning conscience shall add its tortures to the fires of this eternal hell the likes of which could never have been told in words!!
My wayward brother, you may mock and ridicule this truth by claiming a lake of fire and a place of darkness cannot exist in any reality; many try to explain away what they do not want to understand; but God’s hand is not shortened—for we have seen only the beauty of His handiwork while here on this beautiful planet. God can so order His creation or so warp your senses that you can at once see the lurid flames of the lake of fire, and yet be caught up in the sensation of being cast out into a void of blackness so deep and impenetrable that you will be as one all alone!!



This study will evoke many questions that are potentially inflammatory. The destination of the wicked and those who mean well is often described in the Scriptures as a fiery state or place, the issues which relate to their fate and final state constitute a burning subject. Frankly, the view presented is to some, controversial, but as always, we will hue to the line of authority that we have always followed and let the “scriptures speak for themselves”. End time topics and inquiries into the state of the dead, both of the redeemed and the damned evoke extensive dispute for those who have not studied for themselves and follow what someone else has taught, a nightmare or dream, or what they have conjured in their minds and have not analyzed.
Many of the atheist, agnostics, and liberals resist this discussion because they do not want to hurt someone’s feelings, be considered “judgmental”, or be probing into something where there is no clear understanding presented, anywhere. This will not be a “trial balloon”; I have often spoken on the subject, but have been asked to commit to writing what my years of study and searching have taught me. I think myself fortunate to be able to discuss this with students, not mere casual readers of the Word of God who are known to be conversant and concerned as to all questions and conclusions which circulate among some of our brethren about what represents to us the “other side” of life to which we all must travel.
The fate and final state of the unredeemed is not a moot subject in the Scriptures. Jesus saw fit to speak of it on more than one occasion. His words are incisive and authoritarian. By all means, they should provide the basis of any studied pronouncements upon the subject.
In the Sermon on the Mount, the most embracive of His discourses, Jesus compared the fate of the wicked to the state of the refuse cast into Gehenna (Valley of Hinnom). Matthew 5:22, 29, 30 He repeats and somewhat extends the analogy in another side-discourse reported in Matthew 18:8, 9 and Mark 9:42. A corpse or carcass or load of soggy garbage might not fall amid sufficient combustibles to be consumed by the incessant flames. But the maggots took over where the fire left off. Such was the fate and state of the refuse cast into “the gehenna of fire”.
When Christ discussed His sheep-goat parable of the judgment, Jesus said: “Then shall he (the King) say unto them on His left hand (the goats). Depart from Me, ye cursed, into the eternal fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels.” Matthew 25:41 The “eternal fire” spoken of here is the same as “the gehenna of fire” spoken of in the Sermon on the Mount. In Matthew 18:8,9, Jesus used the terms interchangeably: “If thy hand or thy foot causeth thee to stumble, cut it off and cast it from thee: it is good for thee to enter into life maimed or halt, rather than having two hands or two feet to be cast into ‘the eternal fire’. And if thine eye causeth thee to stumble, pluck it out and cast it from thee: for it is good for thee to enter into life with one eye, rather having two eyes to be cast into the hell (gehenna) of fire.”
In Revelation 20:9-10 most think a vivid description is given of the “end” of Satan and his host: “They went up over the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down out of heaven, and devoured them. And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where also the beast and the false prophet, and they shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever (age upon age)”, but this has to do with the reign of Christ!