Meaning of Life

Meaning of Life Part 5

We are still looking for the “I” that is the lord of the soul and spirit of man. Everything involved in conscious personality is related to the brain, but not originated by it. The brain can be the seat of thought without being the source of it!! “I” not only uses the brain, but “I” educate and fit it for its work!! The brain itself has no knowledge or thought-no power to originate either. The difference between the brain of a baboon and a man is in the being behind it. It is not the brain that thinks, remembers, wills, obeys, or intends. If one could dissect the brain all they would find was a mass of cells, nerve centers suffused with blood. If the same brain is dissected when this individual dies, one would find the same mass of cells, nerve centers suffused with blood!! What learned, what grew, what became more wise?? ‘I’ do not die, cease, where does the “I” go?? “I” am not the brain and the brain is not the “I” that is me, in fact “I” control, possess, and use the brain as though it belongs to me (as I do my right hand or arm while “I” am in the body) for it is mine, but I am not the brain!!
The “I” is not thought, feelings or emotions, either!! No, the real “I” is the conscious person behind all I do, is greater than my earthly tabernacle, and cannot be produced by mankind (and he has tried). All that is of my tabernacle is mine. “I” have been allowed to use, abuse, or destroy what God prepared me. If ‘I’ think, ‘I’ feel, if ‘I’ desire, ‘I’ plan, if ‘I’ want, ‘I’ make plans to obtain, yet the “I” remains the permanent thing behind everything. Though my body constantly changes “I” constantly fuel my life as though I own it!! This “self” that is within me has conviction, opinions, duties, and desires. It knows, has a consciousness of right wrong stored in it that allows “me” to make proper decisions!! The “I” is a permanent-behind –the scenes, separate pre-existent totality who wanted a place to belong!! This self has conviction: “I” will always be, live forever, and if ‘I’ claim the right Lord, ‘I’ will spend eternity with my one true friend, from whom “I” began. Paul writes about “a law written in our hearts” Romans 2:15, and the apostle John calls this “I” the light in every man. John 1:9 ‘I’ am not of this Earth, ‘I’ am from above!
The “I” is not the Soul! Adam became a living soul. Instead of saying I have a soul, I should say I am a soul, a living soul. The Supreme Spirit touched with His finger the body of Adam and the true Adam began to be. As an electric spark flashing into his body, Adam becomes a living soul. I know the soul is not the “I” for “I” can lose it!! “For what is a man profited; if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” Matthew 16:26 Gaining the world loses the “I”. “I” am the invisible immortal being clothed in a material body in this stage of existence on the planet Earth. “I” am the emanation from God’s nature intended to live in harmony with Deity for “I” was born to serve the Lord!
Can the “I” be destroyed? If “I” have survived the rigors of physical child birth, emergencies untold, and sustained all subsequent changes of every part of the body-will the “I” not survive the putting away of the whole body at death?? You, “I” must live forever and ever-whether exalted or degraded in character or station, you or the “I” are forever, never can we get away from Life. Let the soul feel its own dignity, measure its own worth, and know its importance for look what God did to show its value, He gave His only begotten Son!! He created it, stamped it with His own image; redeemed it by the incarnation and death of Christ. Just what is the “I” that it means so much to God? God’s value which He set on the soul is without comparison. Who, what am “I”?

Meaning of Life Part 4

The shortest word in the English language is “I”. The most used word in this language is “I”. “I” this, that, ought, will, can, do, remember; all of these expressions are used so-o-o many times we become complacent in its definition. What is this “I”? As we discussed last week it is not my brain. The brains tissues (cells) are the same in spite of all I can feed it in learning, memorizing, or trained response. Like my body, my brain is something that belongs to ME, but who am “I”? As the brain decays, I remain as strong, as vibrant, as disciplined, as energized with new ideas as ever. I must conclude that the brain is not the “I” for the brain is apart of the anatomy of everyone that is pronounced DEAD, yet the “I” dies not, but moves outside the house in which it resided for a time. I find the brain to be but an instrument of the “I”, the spiritual being behind the brain.
Everything involved in conscious personality is related to the brain, but from the brain, not originated!! The brain can be the seat of thought without being the source of it. “I” not only use the brain, but “I” educate, train, fit the brain for its work The brain itself has no knowledge or thought that is inherent, for children born without even a brain stem possess instincts of sucking, falling, hot and cold, and elimination of waste and more. Who taught them, from which ancestor in the evolutionary chain (JOKE!, HA,HA) did they get these?? The brain itself has no knowledge or thought-no power to originate thought. From whence cometh thought?? Which tree in the evolutionary tree shall we look to find this one?? The difference between the brain of a baboon and a man is in the being behind it, not the size!! The difference between the brain of a Gorilla and a man is not just that their skulls sit in a different position on their shoulders, again, it is in the being behind it!! It is not the brain that thinks, remembers, wills, loves, hates, or obeys. On the dissecting table the brain is a mass of cells, nerve centers suffused with blood. Do you think this bleeding organism originates thought?? Build a brain identical to the one inside your skull and see if the man-made works like the God-made!! You think heart transplants are popular!! Think if some wealthy man could transplant the brain of an Einstein or any other genius into his own body or that of his children. Soon we would only have designer children!! Cosmetic surgery would have a new rival!! What is it, what part of it, where in it does the brain think, remember, will, obey??
Can we take out of the brain those murderous impulses and replace them with intellectual, noble, pleasing thoughts?? NO!!, the “I” is not found in the brain. IF A BRAINLESS CHILD DOES NOT POSSESS THE REMEMBERING, OBEYING, MEMORIZING FUNCTIONS, WHEN DO THEY ORIGINATE AND FROM WHOM DO THEY COME?? No erudite student of true Science would ever think that what thinks, remembers, wills, and obeys is a bleeding mass of tissue called the brain!!
Is the “I” Thought? Feeling? Emotion? NO! the real “I” is the conscious or unconscious person behind them all, greater than they, even if all put and harnessed together. The “I” possesses all these and still is something MORE!! Thoughts, my will, fear, joy, pain is all mine and no other person of my species experiences them as do I!! These emotions, joys, pain, and obedience are a possession of “I” but they are not me!! These emotions are not co-dependent on each other. If “I” think it can “I” necessarily “feel” it? My emotions, feelings, obedience’s, desires change, yet “I” am the same!! I want to find out where in the brain we find conviction, we need a lot of this stuff!! Just think if we could bottle a little, we could save a lot of our families!!

Meaning of Life Part 3

If the soul is not immortal, human life is a farce. If it is immortal, man is a fool to ignore it. To be an immortal being would require an immortal nature. Death separates the soul from the body, not the spirit. The tie that joins the two is loosed. The bondage that sin imposes on the body cannot be the bondage wrought by sin, it has to be the bondage brought about by decadence. Death, therefore, is a merciful provision, not a tool of some tyrannical being unhappy with our behavior. Christ destroyed the curse of death which is separation from His presence, but did not destroy death. To the Christian death is just another step in the epoch of continued existence. It relieves the soul of dominion of flesh. Flesh weighs heavily in the decisions made in the body. Care for unimportant things afforded our bodies and the pitfalls brought on by the desire to comfort and satisfy the body is no longer important. Many times I see even the members of the Lord’s Church who have seemed to have lost faith in immortality, or so it seems by the way they are living!! I see them living as though tomorrow will not bring eternity and today is all that matters. They ‘give up’ when the battle has not even begun to rage, settling for mediocrity instead of “the glory that shall be revealed in us”!! When considered from the eternal aspect, age is only counted in the babyhood of our existence. Here we become the children of eternity where ‘old as Methuselah’ is only an infant of days with millennial cycles unfolding and unending!! The grandeur of Heaven will erase any desire to ‘return to Egypt’ Our invested liberty, in a universe of unparalleled freedom, will cause us to be over-joyous because we followed the Master of the Universe instead of the Chief of the Failed creation of God!!
What is the meaning of “I”? What is this “I”? Who is it? Of all the words used this word is used more often than any other word in our vocabulary yet many don not even know what this “I” is!! Is it my Body? The body is only the outward garment worn by ME. The body can be measured and labeled as portions of lime, silica, iron, water and other elements. It changes every 7 years. The body “I” am in today is not the body of my birth, my teenage years, or that which “I” wore when I first became a Christian. “I” have worn several bodies since I first debuted on this planet, but, the “I” am the same!! “I”, the REAL MAN, stands behind the body looking through windows of eyes, receiving messages through portals called ears, and traveling about on one of the least considered parts of my anatomy, my feet! In all these bodies the “I” RULES . “I” possess this body, “I” make plans and dreams for this body as though it actually belongs to ME!!, and it most emphatically does not!! If “I” am not careful, “I” will become a thief, for “I” will take what is not mine, use it as though it is mine, mock it making it participate in sin and introduce things made up of chemical composition into it which will eat it away and destroy it’s ability to function; and “I” have not been given permission from its owner to do so!!! One thing I must remember as a Christian, this tabernacle “I” dwell in belongs to God!! “I” cannot mark it, burn it, color it with tattoos or epithets, eat it to oblivion, or join it to a harlot, this body “I” live in was a gift given, and I am expected to respect both the gift and the Giver!! “I” am not MY BODY”.
“I” am not my Brain (all have a brain even IF we do not use it!!). If “I” am my brain, which brain is “I”? Its tissues (cells) have changed repeatedly, but this “I” is the same in spite of all these changes of the brain. Like my body, my brain is something that belongs to its Creator and will not be in Eternity!! The brain decays, “I” remain!!

Meaning of Life Part 2

The order of physical life is reliable. The stars in their courses, the electrons in their motions all show the order of design. Gravity does not vary wherever its law is found, as far as we know gravity even keeps electricity in its current channel. A universe that keeps faith with its physical calculations does not play false to the inner, invisible parts of life. We are created to think, love, and hope. These are as essential to our nature as hunger and thirst. A world where there is air for lungs, food for the stomach but no answer to the deepest and highest hungers of the soul is not the world God created and placed man in. Any thinking man will rebel at such a conclusion. The integrity of the universe is at stake if man is here only by chance, for if there is no law that governs our existence and we came about without reason and intelligence, all that exist which allows anything else to exist could never be explained or understood. The longing for continuance of life is normal and extends from primitive people to cultured persons. That man before scientific discovery had no doubt about the life beyond the grave is a fact that calls loudly for explanation. As we grow old we are just getting fit to live! Just understanding the “how to” to live acomplishes no purpose if man dies and is no more! Who is animalistic enough to call a deceased loved one a few particles of matter that is no longer? That fair, beautiful spirit whom we loved and with whom we shared life is not excluded nor extinct just because they are no longer in a physical body we can see and touch!! In a law abiding universe, the hunger of the soul MUST have a response to what exist hereafter. Science in all its glory cannot and never has produced any answer suitable to understanding our beginning much more our end!!
Science affirms that nothing is wasted. Even the leaves blown by the wind are only transformed, not destroyed. Shall man with a mind, soul, and spirit fade into nothingness?? Having spent such painstaking efforts to design such a frame for us to inhabit will the designer annihilate such? If He were to so do, the ruler of the universe is far worse than man who waste all his time on this earth not preparing for eternity!! If life ends in death, this universe is not only irrational, it is immoral!! A benevolent life ends in a vicarious death in the flower of age. A malevolent, hardened old sinner lives a century. Where is the rationality of this, where is the compensation, the retribution, when is “right” ever rewarded? Where is justice? If life ends at death and man comes about by chance, not created, would it be better for man if he had never allowed his innocent children to breathe? The God of the universe is more than mere Energy, He is more than a Force, He waits to be a JUDGE. He is defined as a child-loving Father, Matthew 7:7-11, who does not give a stone for bread, He does not then give the stone of extinction to children who’s highest and noblest hunger asks for the bread of immortality and eternal life, those children who have made choice and desire to be with Him!!
If the soul is not immortal, human life is a farce!! If it is immortal, man is a fool to ignore it!! If not immortal, the moral nature is a lie, there would be no need, man could destroy man at will without ever considering justice. If not immortal, desire is a deception, aspiration a mocking falsehood, and hope a destructive illusion!! Death may separate soul and body, but the soul does not die. The tie that joins the soul and the body is untied, unfastened, and the soul is released from the frame that will inevitably decay and join one that has no possibility of decay!! Death becomes a merciful provision. The Innocent might tolerate physical maladies looking to something better, but to a fallen being, subject to age, decay, and injury; physical immortality would be an awful curse!!

Meaning of Life

The immortality of life is one that is full of misconceptions, especially by those who have blinded themselves by denominationalism. The thing most often heard concerns itself with the “furniture of Heaven” and the “temperature of Hell”. The source of all life must be considered. Think of a life force surging through the physical universe greater than anything ever before imagined. Something makes it tick and throb with life. As life is mysterious it can be seen to have force and this force pervades the entirety of the universe. This life-force is imperishable, the evidence forces the honest to see Him, and if this Force were to cease or be stopped all would come to nothingness. As some cannot conceive that there is a God, those who have considered both sides of the question cannot conceive of a complete state of nothingness! The “spark of Life” is from parent to parent. Before we become parents man can be traced all the way back to the original parents. As is often reasoned, life after death in this body is no more and no less mysterious than life before birth. Life is HERE, nobody I know or have read about believes otherwise; why doubt life hereafter??
The dissolution of the body is no barrier to logic; immortality is very logical. If the brain would seem to be the seat of life, it is not the SOURCE of it and for that matter the brain does not even enter into the subject of immortality, immortality leaves the brain with the body in the grave!! The brain does not produce thought (as the liver secretes bile), but is itself the means of transmission of that thought. From whence cometh the thought? They tell us that every 7 years we change completely in taste, chemical composition, and personalities. The body changes in every tissue. While we live in this body we then would have to understand we have worn out many a body, yet we are the same! The “I” and “you” that has worn out several bodies is really what we call this it, that is the ‘I’. If the personality survives bodily changes, why could it not ‘survive the grave’??!! If the spirit survives the shock of birth, why not the ordeal of death?
Life transcends physical limits. Life presents itself in spirit a thousand miles from where it abides in our human frame (the love of a military man for his wife and children, the love of an old man for his wife now deceased 30 years, for example). We live not only where we breathe, but where we love!! Since life is too big for the physical body, and that life is not the body or any of its parts, is it not too great for the grave??
A Creator which produces the mind, must possess reason, else the creature is greater that the Creator! Reason is not packaged, cannot be bought or sold, and is not a composite of all who live in this human frame. It is reasonable for a man who dreams of fulfillment to one day consider this possibility. It is reasonable for a man who loves another soul to one day reason eternity with that soul without separation. It is reasonable for a man to have lived and loved to know his only chance of complete fulfillment is an eternity together while a man who hated the wife of his life, fought, argued, and was vexed with every anxiety known to man would NOT want to look forward to her as part of his reward but would know she MUST be part of his Hell!! Such things are reasonable! It is also reasonable to know that if man cannot keep the love, joys, and brightness of his life in check or control he must look to one of greater might and magnitude than he who for him can accomplish these things!! God is not an invention of the mind of an incapable being, He only is the extension of all that man sees about him in the wonderful thing we call Creation! For in the Creation of all things nothing is left incomplete!! Life without God is incomplete, man never knows who he really is!!