One Body of Christ

One Body of Christ Part 10

The Body has NEVER been allowed to tell the Head what to do about ANYTHING!! Though there is a strong relationship that exists between each member and the Head, the Head only GIVES ORDERS to the Body. Wound a member, and the brain knows it immediately; wound a member of the Body of Christ and Christ knows it, immediately!!
Some may ask; “are we that closely related to Christ?” On the way to Damascus, on a mission of persecution, Saul of Tarsus heard the voice of the Lord. Saul had made many such journeys unaffected by anyone and without anyone restraining him. This time it would be different. Saul thought he was doing the Will of God in restraining the growth of the Church of Christ. Saul was being true to the Law of Moses, only that Law had been abrogated by the blood of the only begotten Son of God. Saul had been a diligent student of the Law under Gamaliel in Jerusalem since a child; Paul would later be recorded as saying; “I stood in all good conscience before God until that day. I verily thought with myself, that I ought to do many things contrary to the name of Jesus of Nazareth. Which thing I also did in Jerusalem; and many of the saints did I shut up in prison, having received authority from the chief priests; and when they were put to death, I gave my voice against them. And I punished them oft in every synagogue, and compelled them to blaspheme; and being exceedingly mad against them, I persecuted them even unto strange cities.” Acts 26:9-11
Saul of Tarsus heard the voice saying, “Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou Me?” How was Saul persecuting Jesus, now crowned King of Kings and Lord of Lords? By persecuting His Body, not His physical, fleshly, personal body, but His spiritual Body!
As a man leaves his wife to care for and provide in his absence for his children, so Christ had left on the Earth His physical representative which was His spiritual Bride: and “no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourishes and cherishes it, even as the Lord the Church.” Ephesians 5:29 IF YOU INJURE MY BODY, YOU INJURE ME. Jesus will say to those on His right hand at the fall of Jerusalem, “Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: for I was an hungered, and you gave Me meat: I was thirst, and you gave Me drink: I was a stranger, and you took Me in: I was sick, and you visited Me: I was in prison, and you came unto Me. Then shall the righteous answer Him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee a hungered and fed Thee, or thirsty and gave Thee drink……. The King shall answer: Inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these, my brethren, you have done it unto Me.” Matthew 25:31-46 Don’t mess with the Lord’s anointed!!, you are treating Him as you treat them!!
I know no one who would not help the Lord if they found Him here on Earth without. We would gladly do anything we could for Him. There will never be this opportunity, BUT, HERE HE HAS HIS CHILDREN. There are needy children, disciples, and aged saints. Will you not give them relief?? This will be ministering to Christ. Do you refuse to associate with a brother because he is poor or without? Think of this text the next time you have opportunity, hear of an opportunity!! Think of this scripture: “You have done it unto Me.” You can help IF you cannot do anything else. Don’t wait until a child of God is in trouble and has to beg, if you see a need, investigate the need and see what you can do to remedy it. Don’t sit around and pray to be used of the Lord and let some child or saint of God do without: that is the Lord’s child!! You are helping the Lord!!

One Body of Christ Part 9

The body over which Christ is head is the Church. “And gave Him to be head over all things to the church which is His body.” Ephesians 1:22 “And He is the head of the body, the church.” Colossians 1:18 Paul suffered “for His body’s sake, which is the church.” Colossians 1:24 The Church of Christ is the spiritual body of Christ, there is nothing else He has on this earth that represents Him. In absence on the man, the wife ALWAYS represents the husband, so the Church, the Lord! “Unto Him be glory (through or by her Christ gains ALL the glory He desires) in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end.” Ephesians 3:21
There is one body, one church. “For even as we have many members in one body, and all the members have not the same office, so we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and severally members one of another.” Romans 12:4-5 “But now they are many members, yet but one body”. 1 Corinthians 12:20 “And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body: and be ye thankful.” Colossians 3:15
Jesus loves and nourishes His body and will save it!! He loved His fleshly body, but gave it for His spiritual body!! “Husbands love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave Himself up for it.” Ephesians 5:25 “For no man ever hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Christ also the church; because we are members of His body.” Ephesians 5;29-30 “For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ also is the head of the church, being Himself the savior of the body.” Ephesians 5:23 Jesus loves His body with a tender love, He loves you with this love IF YOU are a member of His body. He adds all the SAVED to His body when one is baptized into Christ for the remission of sins, Acts 2:38, 47, and in the church He nourishes the redeemed with His word and cherishes the saints of God with a love unknown among mankind. “That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith: that you, being rooted and grounded in love may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height. And to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge, that you might be filled with all the fullness of God.” Ephesians 3:17-19
As in every family, there is a close relationship existing between all the members of the body!! “And whether one member suffer, all suffer with him/her; or one member be honored, all the members rejoice with him/her.” 1 Corinthians 12:25-26 There is union and harmony in the body by design as there is in any home that respects God!! Diversities of offices there are, yet a oneness of design and purpose-a wonderful harmony of action. “If one member suffers, all the members suffer with it.” If your arm is broken, the whole body sympathizes; the other members shield it; every member is discomfited when one member suffers!! When the body becomes diseased, everything possible is done to restore it to health. The mouth might not like the taste of the medicine proscribed, but it will not stop the body from receiving the medicine that will restore physical strength!! When all efforts in its behalf fail, and the life of the body is in danger because of the member that cannot or will not be cured, we then and then alone resort to amputation. Then, delays are dangerous; so should it be in the body of Christ. Everything possible should be done to restore to health a diseased member. But when all efforts fail, and he/she continues to grow worse, and the way of truth is evil spoken of because of him/her, we should not hesitate to withdraw from them!! The body will serve any member of the body, but the body cannot be destroyed just because one diseased, sinful member will not repent!!

One Body of Christ Part 8

“For even as we have many members in one body, and all the members have not the same office, so we who are many are one body in Christ, and severally members one of another.” Romans 12:4-5 “For as the body in one and hath many members, and all the members of the body, being many, are one body; so also is Christ.” 1 Corinthians 12:12
Here the church is represented as a body, and is compared to a human body. In thinking of a body, the following divisions and relations suggest themselves; the head, the body; the members of the body, the relation of members to each other, and to the head. These divisions and relationships are found in the church. Jesus is head of the one body. God made Him head, “when He raised Him from the dead, and made Him to sit at His right hand in the heavenly places, far above all rule and authority and power, and dominion and every name that is named not only in this world, but also in that which is to come; and He put all things in subjection under His feet, and gave Him to be head over all things to the church, which is His body, the fullness of Him that filleth all in all.” Ephesians 1:20-23 “And He is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the first born from the dead; that in all things He might have the pre-eminence.” Colossians 1:18 The head is the guide to the body and the source of wisdom. It is the law making power. It controls the movements and actions of the body. Hence the authority of Jesus Christ in the church is absolute! His authority is above all other authority, and from it there sin NO APPEAL!! He alone has the right to make laws for the church. We HAVE NO RIGHT, therefore, singularly or collectively, to legislate for the church, or to try to regulate by our own authority man’s duties in religion!! To so do is to presume prerogatives that belong to Christ AND HIM ALONE!! It is approaching dangerously near the presumptuous sin to presume the right or qualification to govern, guide, or set principles for that which is not yours. Yet men aspire to rule where they have not been invited to counsel!! Jesus met with this spirit in His own followers. :”And there was also strife among them, over which of them should be accounted the greatest, And He said unto them, ‘the kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them; and they that exercise authority upon them are called benefactors. But you shall not be so; but he that is greatest among you, let him be as the younger; and he that is chief as he that doth serve.” Luke 22:24-26 No member of the body is to exercise authority over another; but all alike are to submit to the Head, even Christ!! What about man who neither created nor designed man trying to take over what HE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH MAKING?? What about man who would try to correct the Son of Man??
Why should I assume authority over my brother? Am I wiser than he? Has God delegated ME the right to rule my brother, to say what he shall believe or not believe, do or not do?? Have I been wiser than he and have NEVER sinned?? Have I lived in a fuller relationship with God than he, and so counsel him? Therefore, I cannot be a part of a body of men no matter what it is called, whose object is to make laws for the body of Christ!! Neither are we under obligations to submit to those who do!! We are under obligations not to submit to them if the truth is known. All man-made creeds, disciplines, prayer-books, and religious experiences are relegated to nothingness compared to the Word of God. In taking Jesus as our Lord, we pledge ourselves not to submit to any of them!! Peter and John in Acts 4 and 5 were commanded not to preach any more in the name of Christ. What did they say? What would you have said? Should there be any difference?? Found in written Word, no man can change it!!

One Body of Christ Part 7

The “Body” of Christ is fitly framed together! Many have often misunderstood this section of the Holy Book but it is plain to see God had in mind exactly what He intended in the Church of Christ from the Beginning! The leadership is distinguished from the rest of the family not by might but by service, the ministers are distinguished from the rest of the family not by might or position but by study and diligence to the Word, then there are the brethren, all equal, all saved by the same blood, all of one Seed who lovingly live their lives for nothing but to search and seek other members of their select group for an eternity of existence with their Lord. “Fitly framed together” every part functions exactly as He intended. There are no improvements on the plan, no adjustments mid-stream that had to be made, and no ‘voice of reason’ from man that God ever ask to receive. As every part of the body of man has its function, so with the Body. There are some parts that are not given the “glory” as the other parts, but leave off these parts and what you wouldn’t expect happens, the body miss-functions!! In 1 Corinthians 12 Paul tells how each part of the “body” is as important as the other parts and infers that God put them exactly where He wanted, needed them to be, and does not allow any change. Imagine, man trying to change the functioning of the physical body!! Now, imagine how denominationalism has tried to change the “Spiritual Body” by altering its doctrines to satisfy their own wants. They have a governing board not of the local body but from a collective, they make rules and regulations not for the good of the Body but for their positions of hierarchy, and they act as God ruling over a people they have never given anything, not even love, so they could deserve such a place.
The unceasing warfare that the world has declared on the Body of Christ has not been able to keep up with the desires of man. Man has NEW wants and NEW desires. Have you ever heard that old adage “give them an inch and they will take a mile”, can you ever known the depths of illicit desire: if so, you will understand the fickle mind of man and the insatiable demands of what he wants!! It is like alcohol to the alcoholic, food to the overfed, and an end to desire; man knows no satisfaction and has no boundary. What can stop him, but his God? When they resist His authority and placate their consistency with its desires, they make God their bellies and vanity their shrine!! Religion fits this mindset, category, man will always want to change, this is his forte; nothing ten minutes old can satisfy what he know wants and demands; to satisfy man is to allow him to be unsatisfied and this does not show the wisdom of the God of all the universe, God cannot, will not because He knows man who He created and for man to have his way is to destroy man!!.
There is kept for God the faithful. They are deigned “faithful” because of their desire to do His Will. It is not by might that they are faithful. Some are powerful men and women in their own right, yet they gladly yield to their Lord. It is not to concession that they yield. Some of our number yield only because of a deeper love for a Being so kind and gentle. We are not forced by a mightier strength or power to submit or die; we die and then submit our all. Lead and directed by His Spirit, this Body seeks no other truth than His, no other way but His, and suits no others favor but His. This is the redeemed, blood bought, ransomed family of Jesus Christ. Without parallel or peer in the History of mankind, these who truly seek “not their own but those things of the Lord who bought them” are a royal race, a chosen priesthood, and a chosen generation. They want not their own, never seek praise from others, and will NEVER, NEVER die!!

One Body of Christ Part 6

Why would the Savior describe His Church as a “body”? Maybe it is because He intended it to express exactly the meaning He wished to express! What association does the “body” have with its head in the physical sense? Can the “body” possess LIFE without the head? Can the “body” function without the head? Is the “body” of any worth without the head? Can the “body” move around, work, and be useful in any sense without the head? Physically, the head is to the “body” just what Christ is to the Church. This teaches us many principles.
The association of the head to the body is apparent. It sits on top of the body. The head has highest pre-eminence over any other part of the body. Although the head and the body are determined by different standards of beauty, yet the head is first part of the anatomy one looks to when addressed. In the Church, Christ is has no equal. No man, group of men, college of men are His equal. “Whatever He saith unto you, do it” is still the manner of obedience demanded in the “body”, the Church.
Denominationalism is not the same. They have conventions, rule committees, conferences, and doctrinal specialist that write and re-write their beliefs as they change from year to year. What was wrong in the 18th century (if they existed then) is not wrong in the 21st century. As an example: in the 18th century NO denomination that existed used instruments of music in their worship(?) services. They wrote against it, debated it, and stood in unison against the evils of Roman Catholicism and its use of an instrument of music. Today, ALL of them worship at the feet of big entertainment. Their worship(?) services are as close to Broadway musicals as they can afford. I have heard of church buildings where they have orchestras, moving stages, and a sound system that would make a concert hall envious. They are in the entertainment business. They draw crowds this way. When ask why they do not use the Bible as their only drawing card to the world, they look at you as though you are “behind the times”!! What makes them do these things-where do they get the ideas to do these-if it did not come from God, just who gives the orders around there?? If God does give the orders, why has He changed His mind in 100 years? Somebody (play on the word body) is giving the orders, who is it? Does not the body take orders from the Head?? If they cannot find the practice in the scriptures, where are they getting their ideas? It has to be from some-body where the Head of the body does not set on top of the body in pre-eminence or where the orders come from within among the members of the body!! If the members of the body are running the program, what function does the head possess?? In denominationalism, with its rules committees, doctrinal committees, and study groups to determine church doctrine, THE HEAD IS NOT NEEDED!!
Homosexuality is on every ones mind these days (mainly, because they are pushing it on us), 100 years ago, 50 years ago, NO major religious group would even consider allowing a member of their “clergy” to be homosexual, today all of them are researching their “doctrinal experts” to see how they can find it allowed. What changed? Did they consult the Head?
Contemporary worship services are the fad, now. 100 years ago for one to have even considered such a shift to the prevalent accepted style of music was unthinkable. Oh, yes, they still have the “old-timers” brand of service; it is just at a different time. Did the Head legislate on this? Did they consult Him (since they all claim Him as Head)? Did God send an e-mail from Heaven that some of us missed? Is He not the Head

One Body of Christ Part 5

Paul was a Jew, and the Jewish temple had the same fascination for his thought and the same powerful hold upon his imagination as in the case of all Jews. Paul had ceased to worship there, but his attachment to the ideas that the temple represented were so strong that it became with him the easiest way to comprehend what the Holy Spirit had revealed about the Church of Christ! No one denies there is ONE TEMPLE AND BUT ONE!! Now, as a building, the temple of Jerusalem was one of the most beautiful in existence; and as the chosen residence of Jehovah God, it was sacred in the minds of all Jews. And there was only ONE! How, then, can anyone deny the same oneness that is represented in the Body the Church?
Church—The word “Church” is used in the New Testament upwards of one hundred times; and the fact that it has no equivalent in the Greek language is very interesting. The word actually came from the Anglo-Saxon language which had a strong Germanic influence. When the Scriptures were being translated from Latin to English the translators could not come up a word equivalent to the Greek word ecclesia. The closest they could come was to the word in Anglo-Saxon which meant the assembly of the governing. NEVER did the word mean, nor is there a usage in the New Testament for the word which meant a building!! When someone invites you to “go to church with them” they are not asking you to visit a building. Fundamentally, the word is “an assembly”; not ecclesiastical, but civil. Nor is it used exclusively in the ecclesiastical sense in the New Testament. The town clerk of Ephesus “dismissed the assembly,” (church). There is only ONE governing body per city!!
Body—the only point about the use of the word “body” to be observed at present is the distinction between Christ’s body which He took of Mary and His body which is the Church!! Christ’s body was that which He wore when He was among men, personally; Christ’s body is that in which He is housed and represented as He reigns over His kingdom and again, there is only ONE!! Christ STILL is incarnate in this flesh, if you please, in His Body, the Church!! Through her and in Her He speaks and acts among men. So as He said while here among men, He said again and again, “He that seeth Me, seeth the Father”; the same would be true: “he that seeth My Body, seeth Me”. Why did our Lord institute the Church in the world? What is the one great doctrine? It is summed up in words most exact that human speech could find-the Church, the immortal Body of Christ. That body which was mortal once, the immortal body of Christ is visible, now. The body in which the change from mortality to immortality was seen will one day again do the same!! “That which is sown in weakness will be raised in power.” The body in which He now speaks the truth of God, to work the works of God; He still teaches men and women “what they must do to be saved”!!
All of my life I have heard of the “mystical body of Christ”. I admit to having NEVER seen it. When denominationalism uses the term “mystical” associated with the Church, or we should say that the hierarchy is describing the Church when it speaks of knitting “together Thine elect in one communion and fellowship”. In other words, they are taking ALL those who think they are in any way SAVED and putting them into an inter-denominational mockery where all can be satisfied with his or her religion and none deny it!! The closest I have come to seeing this monstrosity would be at a “union” meeting or an inter-denominational revival like Billy Graham uses. What a mockery this makes of Christ prayer in John 17:21!! Maybe Billy and the boys did not read that verse?

One Body of Christ Part 4

“And hath put all things under His feet, and gave Him to be the head over all things to the church, Which is His body, the fullness of Him that filleth all in all.” Ephesians 1:22-23 Every word in this text is the subject of controversy. There are those who challenge the existence of Deity; there are those who dispute the Divinity of our Lord; there are those who deny the personality and presence of the Holy Spirit; and there are those who deny the reality of revealed religion altogether, however, as we come to this subject of “the Church”, we enter a debate among even those who claim to be Christians!!
Of all the wars, the most bitter and disastrous are civil wars. “The Church” is an occasion of civil war among the folds called Christians that stir up the most intense strife; splits up Christian people into antagonistic and hostile camps. Right away even you, the reader have begun to bristle. This atheistic Christianity, called denominationalism, which denies the oneness of the Body of Christ has inflicted upon Christ’s cause more damage than all the attacks of critics and skeptics from the beginning of revelation until now!! The weakening effect employed in fighting the world, the flesh and the devil, has emptied and scattered the resources of the Church. The swords we turn upon a common enemy we turn against one another. Look at the religious people in America today, rent and torn, divided and hostile, suspicious of one another and often fiercely hostile to one another. Think of this miserable controversy which has been, for all these years, denied when the Holy Book is SO plain on the subject. If these so-called Christian(?) people would only compose their differences by reading and believing what is read in that grand ole’ Book, differences would be settled in a week; but the quarrel drags its ugly head in the mire of religious instruction(?) by those who do not believe the VERY WORDS THEY ARE READING!! This bitter strife, these fierce and incessant quarrels give the devil his opportunity, but also must make the angels weep!!
Unity will never be secured by banishing the question of there being ONE CHURCH AND BUT ONE. Church, it will be gained by arriving at the right views taught in the scriptures!! If there is a difference of view that keeps us apart; it is only a true understanding of WHY there is one Church and but one that will answer!! Behind all division that man and his creeds have devised there still stands the one, pure, sublime, and glorious TRUTH!! The doctrine of the ONENESS of the Church finds its completest statement in the Epistle to the Ephesians, and perhaps the words of the text sum up all the Holy Spirit’s teaching. Christianity was then a very small thing in the world; it had behind it no famous history, rich in heroic memories; it had not expressed itself in a vast literature; it did not preside over the world’s proudest civilization. When uttered by the pen of the greatest of apostles by the direction of the Holy Spirit, Christianity was the creed of a few, obscure communities scattered thinly over the Roman Empire, and composed mostly of the humblest members of that society—slaves, freed-men, and women. The apostle could not be under any false delusion about the Church; and, as a matter of fact, he was now in prison at Rome, in a position well calculated to dampen any enthusiasm about its greatness and singularity; and it was because of the Church he was there!! Paul saw the Church inspired with Divine energies, commissioned for eternal destinies, crowned with heavenly beauty, as the compliment our eternal Lord God, Jesus Christ, the saviour of all who would obey HIM!! All history is petty in comparison with the Church, all history leads to IT, and in its fortunes lie the welfare and purpose of ALL MANKIND AND CHRIST HAD ONLY ONE AND BUT ONE, CHURCH 1Cor 12:20

One Body of Christ Part 3

Often asked, but not often allowed to answer is the question; “do you people think you are the only ones going to Heaven”? This is obviously a question that engenders emotions, but often the questionnaire is not really looking for the answer, they are looking for a heated argument!! Interestingly, what causes this question to be asked is anger. Someone has made someone insecure with their religion!! They are looking for someone to unload on and you get chosen.
As already discussed, the Bible teaches the church is the body of Christ. This may not mean a lot to some but it does to those who are honestly seeking salvation. Notice the word “body” is singular. The good Book NEVER tells us the church is made up of several bodies!! The church is the bride of Christ. Notice again please, this is again singular! Yes, the Lord is married to the church and she is His bride, wife AND He only has one bride!! Ephesians 5:23-25 NO, NO, the denominations DO NOT MAKE UP THE ONE BRIDE! How do I know? Paul writes: “Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything.” Ephesians 5:24 NO DENOMINATION is subject to Christ in much of anything!! They have their own rules, creeds, manuals, church covenants, and catechisms. These are written by their “clergy”, not the apostles of Jesus Christ!! These writings start off with “We believe”. Notice: they do not start off with “The Bible teaches”. You cannot have but ONE captain on the ship of Zion; if you do all you have is confusion11
The church is the “house of Christ”, Hebrews 3:6, being His, it wears His name-hence the Church of Christ/Church of God, Romans 16:16, 1 Corinthians 1:2, 2:1, Acts 20:28 (Some get confused with the use of the two names when they really are one. Christ is/was the only one who was God that ever had a body; therefore, He is the God that purchased His Church!!) All these names: bride, church, wife, mother, pillar and ground of the Truth, Kingdom, family, and others ALL represent certain facets of the relationship Christ has with the Church. Example: my wife is a woman, wife, mother, best-friend, encourager, support, Postal carrier, grand-mother, and other things. Like the church, she is ONE but all these descriptions of her tell the functions she has and the jobs she performs, yet there is only ONE of her Does it offend you that I have only ONE wife, my children have only ONE mother, my grandson has only ONE grandmother on the father’s side of the family? Don’t let that be a hindrance to you in learning the truth about the Bride of Christ!! IF THERE IS ONLY ONE, the church being the body, wife, bride, support, family of Christ-He has only ONE!! Oh yes, my wife lives in only one house, has only one husband, answers only to one man in her life, and wears my last name: does that offend you? Neither should it offend you about the Bride of Christ, HE HAS ONLY ONE AND BUT ONE!!!
Now, back to the question: do we think the Church of Christ will be the only Church that will go to Heaven? Can I answer a question with a question, with your permission? How many women do you think I take home to my house every night? No, I am not God, not even close, but, He established the pattern for me to follow!! You see, we have a covenant together established by the state of Tennessee that we have with no other human being. We swore allegiance to this covenant and have no other such covenant with any other. Does this offend you that I have provided only ONE house for my ONE wife and we live on ONE street? Why then, feel hard at the Lord’s children??

One Body of Christ Part 2

The Body, II When a question is asked of you try to determine the intention of the inquirer! Often members of the Churches of Christ are asked: “Do you think yours is the only church?” As I advised last week, don’t answer this question before you have had at least a little time to teach this person. Like any other subject, one cannot jump into a discussion of the molecular structure of the atom the first day of Science. Often people think of a Church as a religious club just like some social clubs to which they belong. You belong to the Free Masons, I belong to the Odd Fellows; they both are good in many respects. To say one is better than the other seems to be out of order: especially to someone who does not know anything about the either. But, if you then told the individual that if they belonged to the Masonic Lodge they would go to Hell, you would get quite a different reaction. They consider this a matter of opinion. Religiously, people think of denominations the same way. They belong to one, or their parents did, or some of their friends do and they are considerate of the one to which someone they know belongs. They really have no way to understand just what you are saying or why you are saying this about something they have not seriously considered anyway. Again, they think all churches are alike, they all serve the same God, and they all read “right out of the Bible”, so you are attacking God to make such a bold statement about their Church. Finally, if their mother or father or some loved one died in that denomination, they immediately add to your statement that since they died belonging to the denomination of their choice they are currently burning in the fiery hall eternal Hell!! Add to this the passion of what they consider an insult and you have a situation that is not conducive to a Bible study!!
Truth is the greatest friend anyone has. Add to this fact that Jesus Christ has no one to defend His Word but you and one quickly sees why a person who would not otherwise harm a flea all of a sudden is picking a fight the accosted individual has not asked to enter!! It also is not something they consider important; all denominations are the same, some are just a little different, but all serve Christ: or so they have been told. No wonder the reception is a little icy!! Add to this a person who WAS GLAD TO SEE THEIR FRIEND, thinking they are joining a friendly conversation, find they are in the middle of an argument. They are not only embarrassed, feel offended and jabbed with a strong right hook somewhere out of nowhere, but have had their life changed never to be the same. See why they are not now ready to study the Bible!!
What do you do when they ask? ANSWER them. How? With all the love you have. What do you tell them? All you think you have the time and they have the understanding to handle. Do all you can to set up a time to discuss the matter when you can fully study the question. If you do not want such a study, you have not lost anything.
What is the answer? There are several ways to approach this study. One is that the Church is the body of Christ, Colossians 1:18, and there is one body, 1 Corinthians 12:12-13, and but one! “There is one body, and one Spirit even as ye are called in one hope of your calling: One Lord, one faith, one baptism. One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all”. Ephesians 4:4-6 this is pretty hard to argue with!! How many bodies? ONE What is the body? THE CHURCH How many churches does the Lord possess? ONE, AND BUT ONE, 1 Corinthians 12:20 What is offensive about this? Nothing IF you are looking for Truth. Consider those who ask, consider the Lord who is to be defended, and teach them when they are ready.

One Body of Christ

There are many times a member of the body of Christ is asked a question for which there is no answer that will be satisfactory. The person asking the question is already ready to have their feelings hurt or be made mad at the answer. We must be careful in answering this question for some who ask it may be seriously seeking the truth, others, no matter what is said, will ever be considerate of the truth. The question is “do you people really think you are the only CHURCH?”
Sometimes because of a misunderstanding of the subject, maybe because of a made-up mind, or because some un-thoughtful member answers before they get their brain in gear; a person outside the body of Christ gets a bad taste in their mouths for the truth. TRUTH IS TRUTH no matter who approves or disapproves it. Romans 3:1-4 No one is hiding from controversy or denying truth; all we are trying to do is give an answer of “the hope within us, with meekness and fear.” 1 Peter 3:15
Most religious people think of the church as some social institution to which they belong and ONE IS AS GOOD AS THE OTHER. Some are offended when a saint answers their question without finding out just exactly why they are asking. When a question is asked just to spite the one asked, it is up to you if you answer the question at all. Many times I have told the person I perceive asking me a question making light of the truth who have never heard and who are not ready or prepared to hear the direct answer; “Are you really wanting to know the answer or are you just disturbed because someone has made you feel inferior whom you did not strike out against and you looking to get even with them through me”?!! Or I might say; “you have the right to withdraw your question, I don’t think you really want to hear the correct answer”!
Christians are not trying to inflict any pain on any sinner!! We are not about the business of insulting anyone just because we can. Many times our motives have been impugned, and our Lord and His Church have suffered from false advertising, or the person asking wanted to know IF we would really tell them what they had heard was told to someone else who had asked that question!! We are not in the position many times to understand neither the motive nor the desire of those who ask: be careful!!
No child of God is afraid of the truth nor are we afraid of the personal consequences exacted on us!! There is NO greater joy we have than to teach God’s Word to those who do not nor have not heard it. We have to be careful what we say because you never want to harm the glorious truth. We also are not going to “run scared”. It is a wise Christian who determines the REASON a person asks. When Christ was before Pilate the scriptures tell us; “like a Lamb before His shearer, so opened He not His mouth.” It would not have done Him any good, the questions were not asked for the right reasons, and the questions were not asked looking for the truth.
Some questions cannot be answered unless a groundwork of truth is laid that will allow the inquirer the reasonable ability to understand the answer??!! When your children ask you the answer to a math problem, do you answer the question immediately or do you set with them and explain the principles that will allow them to work the problem the next time they run into it? If you immediately answer the question are you really wanting to teach them how to work the problem or are you in a sense just trying to get them off your back? If you know they do not have a background or a way to understand just HOW the problem is worked and you answer it, have you helped them?? WISER CHRISTIANS ask questions before answering the unprepared!!