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What Happened in the Garden of Eden? Part 4

Many look on Adam as a failure, after all he allowed Eve to woo him into eating the forbidden fruit and, as a result, sin came into the realm of humanity.  Adam was given the charge by God to carry the message of the gospel to all his children born to he and Eve in the Garden, yet one of the first twins ever known to be born committed the sin of will worship, mocking God.  Adam’s wife, Eve, from his own physical side, did not look to him for leadership and took on Satan in the body of a snake. When she had eaten of the forbidden fruit from the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, she intimidated Adam into eating.  Who was in charge, here?  He showed no leadership, yet was totally in control of his own destiny.  Adam, because of his sin lost his front door key to the Garden of Eden and was never allowed back into that beautiful place the rest of his days.  Adam’s son, Cain rose up and killed his twin brother, Abel!  But Adam DID NOT bring into the world physical death, like all men he was starting the process of physically dying WHEN he was made from the dust of the Earth!!

The way Satan got by Eve was the matter of death.  Discussing the potential of dying, “We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden: but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it…, lest you die.”  Satan responded to Eve; “Dieing, you are dieing, already,” as though what God had told Adam was not true when in actuality, God was not talking about physical death, He was speaking of spiritual separation, death. Isaiah 59:1-2   Preparation made for Adam and Eve’s physical death, if it had been discussed with Adam, was never seemingly related to Eve.  Physical Death was completely beyond her understanding.  What God had discussed was spiritual death, still something they did not understand (but Satan understood it real well). Dieing, was a real problem for Eve!  Satan “turned the phrase” on Eve, offering the innocent an unfair explanation.  What he intimated was what she already had, she would exist eternally, for she was also soul and spirit, but the body in which she was housed would not advance to the next plateau of existence.  Satan’s alternate plan would ALSO allow her “to be as gods” which was already true!!  Satan’s conversation was far beyond Eve’s competency!  The physical body was never meant to exist, forever.  There were so MANY things that had not been explained about God’s plan for man yet, that was beyond their competency level.  It took God 5,000 years more to explain. Yet, when His Son came in the flesh man STILL had not caught on!!

Eve took the fruit as a means of stopping what had already physically begun in their bodies, she was innocent, and innocency knows no concept like rebellion!!  Eve was not mean and un-repentant, Eve was innocent and unsuspecting.  Who had ever lied to her before this, and Satan only told her a half-truth at that!!  The “fear of death” seems to be a natural, unlearned, instinct of humanity, put in us by our Creator.  Babies cry and will go into what seems like an un-consolable state of shock and un-remitting fear when their bodies tell them they have need of food.  This is a natural instinct.  Eve had NEVER been deprived of anything-it was a concept that completely threw her, but Eve had a problem that all of us share, if we are not careful.  Eve thought God had not or maybe could not provide.  Eve, like all us, think we have to make up for God’s incompetence by doing it ourselves, a pattern seen over and over again in the Scriptures!!

Yes, it was a terrible day when sin came to mankind; but dealing with an arch-angel, never having been lied to, not having a suspicious spirit, and always completely provided for—would you or I have done better??

What Happened in the Garden of Eden? Part 3

Adam was an attempted conquest of Satan.  Satan had been successful in his first effort to thwart the plan and purpose of the Almighty with those angels under his command that listened to his half-lies.  When Satan beheld man and knew God’s plan in the purpose of the creation of all things, it was his greatest, overwhelming desire to defeat man as he had those angels who had sinned.  For man to teach that sin FIRST entered by Adam is false.  Sin already existed BEFORE man was created and among those Seraphims who superintended the Earth under the authority of Satan, the arch angel of the Earth assigned by God, the Son.  Satan’s jealousy of God’s affinity to man, which angels could never have and the fact that angels were created FOR man as servants in a period in which time and timelessness as yet was unrealized by man, caused him to try and outdo the plan of God.  It is revealed in Scripture that angels were made first, then man. Job 38:7  God made three types; arch-angels, cherubims, and seraphims.  There are angels that function as “the” spirit of the nation” over which they preside, nations to which they are assigned by God. Daniel 10:12,13, and 20.  Arch-angels have might and power unknown and unequaled to anything created.  The only way to be superior to arch angels is to un-created, which alone describes God!  Angels, like God, are spirit beings. Hebrews 1:14  There were three of this magnitude: Michael, Gabriel, and Satan.  Each of these angels seemed to be personally responsible to one of the members of the Godhead.  Only arch angels could theophanize (take on a physical body in appearance).  They do not marry, are male in gender, and cannot die.  They are real, personal beings, not just some abstract personification of good and evil.  They are not omniscient (all wise), nor omnipotent (everywhere), omnipotent (all knowing), and with the exception of arch angels, are not omnifarious (be in physical form).    They are NOT glorified human beings and exist in a vast multitude, and are highly organized, created as man, HOLY!  In their state of probation (that equal to life on earth for mankind) some fell from their state of innocence. 2 Peter 2:4  Scripture is  silent regarding the time and cause of their fall, but we are sure it preceded man’s fall and was predicated by the same evil angel.  Is not a question as to why God created Satan, the question we should all worry about? God is not like man, Satan can, as Jesus mentioned, “have nothing in Me.” John 14:30

Angel is non-translatable, it is always spelled in some form of its original.  They are a supernatural or heavenly beings created to become servants to God’s vaunted creation, man.  The word Satan means adversary, and Scripture shows him to be the adversary of both God and man.  He hinders man’s temporal and eternal welfare by a limited control over natural phenomena, by inflicting disease, and tempting man to sin, and spreading false doctrine; appearing as an angel of righteousness which those so deceived cannot recognize, even those who were “once enlightened.”  Satan and his angels will be vanquished from the presence of God even as man, when Christ “delivers the Kingdom back to the Father.”  There was ONE who is and was known as the “Angel of the Lord” both in the Old Testament and New whose function was to use, select, and instruct those who would “become heirs of the adoption.” Hebrews 3:1-6

Man is still suffering from the delusion that he can defeat his arch enemy, Satan.  For we who are in theChurchofChrist, Christ has “bound Satan for a thousand years,” Revelations 20:1-4, but for denominationalism, this holds no hope.  They can and will be hopeless and helpless before the destruction of deceit by the master, himself, swearing all the time allegiance and love for the Christ who died for them!!  Now, about Adam.

What Happened in the Garden of Eden? Part 2

Cain sinned, but not in the same way as did Adam.  Cain was one of the first that were twins, so Moses writings tell us, for the verb knew was singular, not plural, nor repeated.  Cain and Abel were born after the sin of Adam and Eve, not while Adam lived in the Garden of Eden or the area in proximity to the Garden!  Cain began his sin as all sin begins, with a hostile attitude toward God which lead him to disobedience.  Cain was not worshipping God “in spirit and in truth” as was Abel, John 4:24, and when Cain saw Abel so worshipping God, Hebrews 11:4, Cain grew angry and jealous.  He hated his brother and murdered him, 1 John 3:12.  God is not unjust, and sin does not come upon us as a curse from God!!  God is not the author of sin, it is contrary to His nature.

Cain was “marked” (Hebrew word oth which means sign, mark, token, badge, warning, omen, symbol).  God would leave other “marks” in the world which would allow us to understand this mark.  There would be the rainbow, stars in the heavens, circumcision, miracles, wonders, and prophecies.  I have often said it was clothing.  Many have questioned that, that is fine with me, but you have to admit the first thing Adam and Eve did was put on the “mark” when they heard the voice of God (sounds like what we do when we hear the voice of God, Mark 16:16) which was clothing (sounds again like what we do, Galatians 3:27) but did not set up a Walmart (start a denominational church, God started His Own).  Until this century, clothing was considered a standard of wealth, not modesty.

What was Cain’s occupation?  If he could not get strength from the Earth, how did or would he feed his family or himself?  He would not depend on his brothers or sisters, aunts and uncles, there was no welfare society-where and how did he eat?  If you follow his manner of living, it forces us to the conclusion that he became a “keeper of sheep.”  Interesting that if this be true and the ground would not bless him, the very thing over which the life of his brother was surrendered became the occupation by which he fed himself and his families.  This would support the idea of him being able to continue his “mark” and begin the trade and commerce with others.  Did Adam cause this?    

Now comes the question always asked of Cain.  Where did he get his wife?  It was NOT from an act of God, so Cain could blame her on God, it was not the exact match as Eve was Adam, she biologically had to be his sister though many generations of sons and daughters, so it would seem to be so that where ever he found her, she did not come from a family close enough to Eden that the murder of Abel would cause them to take vengeance of Cain.  ThelandofNodby definition of the name was the land of wonderers or vagrants.  From the name, Cain found his wife.  “And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were 800 years: and he begot sons and daughters:” Genesis 5:4.  Adam began as a full-grown, perfectly developed, God-created man.  He was unlike any man before him or after him—no one duplicates Adam in time of existence or children that to him were born.  Why do they pick on the sin of Adam, as terrible and meaningful as it was, to explain just ONE likeness to this great man?  It defies logic as all denominationalism does.  Never, again, do we hear or read about Adam committing ANOTHER SIN!!  Maybe he did or did not, I don’t know; but, you live 860 years and commit one sin of importance and when ½ of your ancestors turn out to be as righteous as wereAdamsyou will have bragging rights!!  Adam did have this record, and a very enviable record it is!!  Every man and woman that lives, today, comes from this man and his wife—we are all his children by Eve—if Christ as the pattern be followed!

What Happened in the Garden of Eden?

Adam, the first man/woman showed Satan our “soft spot.”  It is impossible to tell how long Satan worked on mother Eve, but he did not stop until he got the answer he was seeking—man can be enticed with what he thinks is more important than live.  From then until now man has suffered the consequences of this discovery.

Denominationalism has tried explaining the consequences of Adam’s sin as physical death. Physical death is as much as apart of our nature as is birth.  Sure, Adam died, but also do all who are human.  Death is as much a part of our nature as hunger.  The more rebellious to the law God has set for man to obey, the more fiendish and disobedient we become is not the sign of a real man, it is the sign of a man that is still selfish and immature!!    

Some have said the sin of Adam changed our nature leaving all of mankind the subjects of Adam’s sin.  The only sin for which Adam will ever answer will be his own just like the only sins for which we will answer will be our own.  Again, all the sin of Adam accomplished was the roadway to our weakness which Satan has traveled on ever since.  Denominationalism has taught that ALL of mankind is totally depraved, incapable of any good and if not for the grace of God (which they define as salvation by choice, not by obedience) man could not and would not have any possibility of salvation. Salvation is just being lucky.  They have reasoned that each saved person has been predestinated, or chosen beforehand and that, indescriminately.  Solely and totally by the inerrant selection of God, they tell us man is a victim instead of a recipient of the wondrous glory given him, that man must receive a miraculous and wondrous experience so he can prove to all others he is a part of the eternally predetermined that are to be saved.  And people have believed this as gospel!!  Did Adam cause this??     This violated the principles of fairness, equality, and reason which SO MUCH is apart of the nature of God and makes God a villain instead of our glorious creator!!

MAN DID NOT INHERIT SIN, all he inherited from Adam was life by the means of pro-creation!!  The action of pro-creation was not Adam’s choice, it was by command-“multiply and replenish the Earth.”  Cain was not made to sin, he was not chosen to sin; Cain sinned because his heart was contrary to God’s Law and would not yield to obedience.  Abel, his twin brother, had a heart that was prone to obedience and for this difference Abel lost his life.  Cain was then driven from the society that then existed near the Garden of Eden and was cursed from the Earth!!  Cain was a farmer—now that was immulating Adam!!  It was Cain, not Adam, to which the Earth would not yield (Hebrew word nathan which meant to shoot up, come out of the grown- yielded) her strength-substance, wealth.  Cain was then forced, not Adam, to be a fugitive (wonder up and down, be a gypsy, never settling down long enough to sow and harvest) and a vagabond (one who wonders about).  Cain’s cry was one of remorse, not true repentance.  He was overwhelmed by the severity of his sentence, not Adam’s, but was not sorry for his crime.  He was selfish and now deprived of all material belongings (he never had a front door) and driven into the wilderness, an area east of Eden.  Cain was afraid that some of the descendants of Adam would find him and exact revenge for there were many more of them than just him.  Did Adam cause this??

One would think, would they not, that since Cain was so close to Adam, Cain would have been a picture of the “Adamic Nature” would you not??  Wonder what “nature” of Adam Abel had??  It is hard to make denominationalism work with the Bible!!